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Project : ANDAL (DSTPS)                                                                                            Number Of Members : 13

Sl. No. Name of Members Designation Portfolio Contact No. E-Mail
1 Shri M. Bhattacharya SE(E) Executive Member 9474120749
2 Shri Sadanand Mukherjee Sr.Addl.CAO Member 9434064657
3 Shri Shrinivas Ramavath Accounts Officer Member 9800635085
4 Shri Anirban Paul Accounts Officer Member 9434177457
5 Shri Ujjal Chatterjee GET (Civil) Member 9475314395
6 Shri Abhishek Mishra GET (Civil) Member 9433508643
7 Shri Sujit Kumar Mondal GET (Civil) Member 9474149908
8 Shri Sanjiv Kr. Soren Asstt. Engineer (M) Member    
9 Shri Ramesh Khandey Asstt. Engineer (E) Member    
10 Shri Tathagata Sardar Asstt. Engineer (E) Member    
11 Shri Ashis Kr. Mukherjee Asstt. Engineer (E) Member    
12 Shri Salku Bayar Saran Asstt. Engineer (E) Member    
13 Shri Sunil Kr. Mandi Asstt. Engineer (M) Member